is a fundraising campaign that transforms your love of tasty food into funds that support rad grass roots organizations and collectives doing the day to day work to nourish resistance and agency. Beginning in April 2017, the last Friday of every month Cafe B will donate all of our profits to participating organizations!  Every Buddy Mary, latte, or delicious Cafe B dish is one more dollar that can help provide resources, ease a burden, or spread awareness! 


                         About the Organizations 

Friday APRIL 28 

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No More Deaths/No Más Muertes is a consensus-based, all-volunteer group of people of conscience working to end death and suffering on the US/Mexico border. Since the mid-1990s, over 6,000 individuals have died trying to cross the border, a result of US government policies that imperil migrants by pushing them into dangerous and remote wilderness.

Every year, No More Deaths mobilizes hundreds of volunteers to provide food, water, and medical aid to individuals crossing the Southern Arizona desert; offers humanitarian assistance to recently deported people in Mexico; documents abuses by the Border Patrol and other agencies; and supports community organizing and sanctuary efforts in Tucson. No More Deaths operates “Keep Tucson Together”, a free legal clinic wherein volunteer laypeople and attorneys try to close deportation cases through asylum claims or by requesting prosecutorial discretion, and, as necessary, by launching public advocacy campaigns to stop deportations. We have successfully stopped the deportations of members of the Tucson, Arizona community and have helped hundreds of “Dreamers” complete their DACA applications.

Amidst the current political climate that places undocumented individuals at the center of conflicting ideologies of fear, partisanship, profit, and racism, No More Deaths asserts the right to provide life-saving humanitarian aid to those in need and advocates for an end to the policies that cause migrant death and suffering. Volunteer labor and grassroots financial support are vital to helping No More Deaths uphold fundamental human rights and stand in solidarity with people migrating to and seeking refuge in the US.

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TAP is a national trans-led organization that gives money to & advocates on behalf of trans people attempting to navigate legal & bureaucratic systems.

TAP is a permanent fund, replenished through donations and grants, that is managed to help trans folks who need assistance. Because of the enduring nature of the program, TAP can ensure that their clients' needs, which may arise at random times, are met without them having to attempt to raise the money on their own. TAP also works toward building a vetted network of legal experts and medical providers, as well as compiling a “bureaucratic resource” directory, saving trans folks the trouble of searching for the right doctors or the right paperwork.

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