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Ben Caplan, Dave & Dyno with the Roadkill Orchestra; $7

Inspired in part by Eastern European and Jewish folk traditions, Ben Caplan mixes older musical sensibilities with his own soul, straight from his hairy heart. Lyrically, you've not heard the like before. Often edgy and dark, Caplan holds a mirror up to show us our nasty bits, singing about the ugliness and showing us that this darkness is the root of the sublime. His new album, Birds with Broken Wings, explodes with sounds both ancient and modern, with more than 30 musicians and even more instruments, combining acoustic sounds from around the world. It's all smoothly blended by the hottest international production team around. It's uncharted territory, and Caplan's leading the way.

Dave and Dyno met as competitors at a catfish tournament song writing contest in 2005 along the Missouri River, near the old port of Nashville. Yep, big time Nashville musicians. They have been creating a sensation, or commotion, or something in Mid Missouri ever since.
Their first CD, “Untreated and Released” can be found in places as far flung as the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, rural northern Maine and isolated mountains of Costa Rica. Dave and Dyno are currently working in the studio and will soon unleash new tunes upon the unsuspecting public.