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Dismal Niche Presents: 18andCounting & the Only Ensemble, Oxherding, Azure Witness

Dismal Niche Presents a double album release party for our first 2 releases of 2018 from 18andCounting and Oxherding

18andCounting & The Only Ensemble
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Formed in 2015 for a series of live performances, The Only Ensemble assembles a varied cast of St. Louis instrumentalists around the prolific St. Louis MC, producer, DJ and visual artist 18andCounting (Stan Chisholm). Drawn from folk, hip-hop, noise and prog-rock groups operating in the city - under Chisholm’s direction the group functions as one taut and heaving avant-industrial brood. 
Dual percussionists Patrick Boland (of The Conformists) and Ian Quatrocchi (of Huht) play off of one another to create both vermin scurrying and crater making polyrhythmic blasts while locking grooves like buckling steel with Brennan England dropping deep bass lines from his custom made slide didgeridoo. Cutting through the dark and cavernous procession, violinist Sarah Vie (of the Leonas) and Chisholm at the controls brilliantly ornament these pieces with horror-film-worthy atmospheric strings, synths and cut and spliced samples. 
An altogether exhilarating and befuddling listen, Animal Skins draws heavily from many influences but never borrows whole-sale or bites from anything in particular – instead the group has opted to go the most difficult route of creating something altogether unique. 

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Under the Oxherding alias St. Louis based ambient composer Fitz Hartwig crafts brightly textured and expertly balanced side length pieces offering solace and respite for those fighting the good fight in the tense and volatile city.
His latest offering, “Circular Movements in the Sky” gently builds from glistening synth arpeggios, patiently layering subtly shifting melodic patterns and brilliantly sunlit choral synth textures to reach resplendent wide screen epiphanies on each side. 

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