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Skin Tags (STL) with Weird Vibers, Leather Eater, and Hugslut; $5

Skin Tags (STL)
Cafe Berlin debut! Come welcome Skin Tags while they tour through. Fast punk, rad people.

Weird Vibers (como)
Three "musicians" inspired by the depravity of heavy sounds. Born of Squirm, creeped out laid back rage rock hallucinations and all the rebellion against status quo. 

Leather Eater (como)
speedy hardcore that reaches dbeat levels of intensity at times but isnt afraid to dabble in rock "n" roll. ft. familiar faces from buttmaster, buffalo king, and soft sculpture.
~digital sounds out soon...come to experience the sounds in real life.

Hugslut (como)
Sad girl dark punk. First show!! Featuring members of Half Moon/Maxito Lindo/Buttchug 69