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Dismal Niche Presents: Whisperer (WA) w/ The Leonas (STL) and Daniel Lutz; $5

Dismal Niche Presents:

Whisperer (Seattle)
Sam T. Smith performs and records under the moniker Whisperer with the help and intuition of various like-minded players to channel contemplative sound and produce beauty in song and space.


The Leonas
The Leonas are an acoustic duo based in St. Louis. Forged from familiar hymns and myths, their songs and stories are their own. Steph Plant plays guitar, Sarah Vie violin, and together they sing. Soulful and earnest, their music offers celebration and unflinching appraisal in equal measure.


Daniel Lutz

About Dismal Niche:

Founded in 2013 in Columbia, Mo, Dismal Niche began as a small batch, artist operated tape label and community arts network committed to facilitating and archiving the expression of the more esoteric and experimental accents of the local Columbia music and arts community. 

Since incorporating as a non-profit in April 2015 the activities of the organization have largely revolved around curating and facilitating the annual Dismal Niche Music and Arts Festival. Drawing from both local and regional communities as well as more established national and international artists whose work has helped to inspire and shape the world of experimental art and music, The Dismal Niche Music and Arts Festival's mission is to situate regional experimentalists within a larger national context bringing artists from across the U.S. and beyond the world to Columbia for a weekend offering residents rare opportunities to experience multimedia showcases and performances of high caliber contemporary art and music.