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Nettle Pointe Soap Opera: Last Scene & Wrap Party; FREE

Join us for the filming of our last scene at Cafe Berlin for the "Spring Berry NETTLE Festival"! We need extras as audience members to hoot and holler and growl and boo! The filming will be short sweet and then - WRAP PARTY!!!! The project isn't over yet, but the years of filming will be!! :) Here's how the evening will look:

Graham Kennady, as himself, introducing the Maxito Lindo's Dance Band.
Steph Foley, as Dream April, grabs the mic from Graham and gives her two cents about nettle.
Audience boos her off the stage. 
Maxito Lindo dance band performs epic nettle grooves.

WRAP PARTY! We are providing a keg and snacks as well as some more nettle garb! Drink specials from Cafe Berlin and some open mic farewell talent show stuff for Dan Fister - cause did you know? He's going to China for a year!