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Dismal Niche Fest: Solid Waste, Chicago Repetition Group, Inspired School Of Astral Music

Solid Waste
With their debut full length LP ‘Visions’, STL cosmic synth trio Solid Waste focus inward, beyond the tangled obstructions of the verbal and dualistic towards a playful recognition of the beauty of detail expressed in vivid patterns throughout the natural world. Dancing through cyclically flowing and gently grooving rhythms, the trio maintain an accessible breadth of vision while continually drifting deeper into the diaphanous light emerging from the initial structure of their compositions. 
A cohesive theme runs through the overall aesthetic of the group. It’s one that considers existence as an ongoing relationship with the universe and calls into question habitual notions of separation - of mind and body, and of figure and ground. Like a rainbow that constantly recedes into the distance as we move towards it and which depends on the correct triangulation of the sun, the moisture in the air and the position of the observer to become visible, so too do the individual players here all represent only a glimpse of a larger process. The layers of motorik rhythms, sheer synths, chimes and pianos propel us not into a linear progression towards a more promising future but rather all they contribute in their distinction to a constant arrival in the present within the continuous field of sensation.

Inspired School of Astral Music
KC Based New Age Wizard Sam Jones
The source of all music is universal. The realms of astralmusic are manifold; a natural hierarchy exists organically.
*Unlike the physical world, damping effects do not occur in the metaphysical milieu. For this reason it is possible to experience the music from beyond within, and voice this experience through a musical instrument.

The Chicago Repetition Group

Four piece improvisational ensemble featuring members of longstanding Chicago avant rock qaurtet Zelienople creating long form pieces influenced by free jazz and kosmische music.