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Bitchin Bajas & Solid Waste - Presented by Dismal Niche

Bitchin Bajas
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Local favorites and Drag City Records' flagship kosmiche/kraut revivalists Bitchin Bajas touring on their latest critically acclaimed  2XLP 'Bajas Fresh'  

'Keep on flowing Bajas, so chill and pretty. Next-man expansions of the walls and bridges of our sonics universe, synthesizing amidst a separate but also growing ecosystem. Not enough 'sh's in Fresh to convey what we're trying to say.'

Solid Waste
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With their debut full length LP ‘Visions’, STL cosmic synth trio Solid Waste focus inward, beyond the tangled obstructions of the verbal and dualistic towards a playful recognition of the beauty of detail expressed in vivid patterns throughout the natural world. Dancing through cyclically flowing and gently grooving rhythms, the trio maintain an accessible breadth of vision while continually drifting deeper into the diaphanous light emerging from the initial structure of their compositions. 
A cohesive theme runs through the overall aesthetic of the group. It’s one that considers existence as an ongoing relationship with the universe and calls into question habitual notions of separation - of mind and body, and of figure and ground. Like a rainbow that constantly recedes into the distance as we move towards it and which depends on the correct triangulation of the sun, the moisture in the air and the position of the observer to become visible, so too do the individual players here all represent only a glimpse of a larger process. The layers of motorik rhythms, sheer synths, chimes and pianos propel us not into a linear progression towards a more promising future but rather all they contribute in their distinction to a constant arrival in the present within the continuous field of sensation. 

DJ Dizzy Nights - Matt Dadd on the magnetic spools mix facilitating space for optimal zone-age.



Dismal Niche
Founded in 2013 in Columbia, Mo, Dismal Niche began as a small batch, artist operated tape label and community arts network committed to facilitating and archiving the expression of the more independent, esoteric and experimental accents of the local Columbia music and arts community. 
Since incorporating as a non-profit in April 2015 the activities of the organization have largely revolved around curating and facilitating the annual Dismal Niche Music and Arts Festival. With an emphasis on situating regional experimentalists within a larger national and global context, The Dismal Niche Music and Arts Festival's mission is to bring artists from across the U.S. and around the world to Columbia for a weekend offering residents of Columbia and the larger Mid-Missouri region rare opportunities to experience multimedia showcases and performances of critically thinking contemporary art and music.

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