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3rd Annual Starflyer Fest

Starflyerfest returns to Columbia!

Third edition of some of the best reverb-drenched melodic noisiness the Midwest has to offer. For the fans, the lonely, and the curious, a wall of shoegaze, dream pop, post-punk, and all round musical goodness. Only $12 for 12 bands alternating between two stages in a live mix tape that will lead you into outer space. Music starts at 5pm SHARP.


Brief Candles (Milwaukee, WI) 
Mainstays of the shoegaze scene, first appearance in Columbia, last year's Repeater LP popped up on multiple year-end lists.

Brilliant Beast (Minneapolis, MN)
Loud/soft/loud sibling-fronted gazer fuzziness, both ice cream and ice cream headache.

Cantalouper (Columbia, MO)
Noisy keys, melodic hooks, returning after what's amounted to a hiatus, coming back around like the longest reverb decay.

CaveofswordS (St. Louis, MO)
Columbia favorites with the feel of walking down a street in the movie The Crow while pondering the societal collapse that has led us into darkness.

Cubits (Fairfield, IA)
Synthy harmonies of chillwaviness that packs a punch, known and loved by many, destined to be loved by you.

Damn Tsingtao/Christopher Sur and the Surrealists (Nashville)
Reclusive new wave bedroom pop master from the wilds of the Tennessee urban sprawl, in an all-too-rare appearance.

Enemy Airship (Columbia, MO)
Dreamy, dreary brilliance, the highlight of many a como show, blasting off once again into the internal stratosphere.

Kudzu (Springfield, MO)
Their gritty, glitzy, post-punk paradise was a hit last time at Starflyerfest, returning this year as the Defeated LP gathers steam.

Rusted Satellites (Jefferson City, MO)
Psychedelic shoegaze from just down the road, making their Starflyerfest debut. There's some 13th Floor Elevators in there with the My Bloody Valentinishness, really good stuff.

Seashine (St. Louis, MO)
Delicate dreaminess against a fearless wall of sound, top tier shoegaze, especially for those of us who wish there were more bands influenced by Slowdive.

Spandrels (Indianapolis, IN + Champaign-Urbana, IL)
New arrangement of indie rock XP, massive noise pop flavored arrangements, look for their first single's release 3/16.

Tape Deck Mountain (Nashville, TN)
Uniquely ominous professional bummer gazer darkness. Brand spanking new LP out now, Echo Chamber Blues, in which we find ways to talk about the present moment with roaring guitars.