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Soakie, Dead Dads Club, Conductor


Tell 'Em Tapes presents...

Soakie (AUS)
Hardcore punk from Australia featuring Como ex-pats, seemingly formed overnight and now touring the world. "Made up of members hailing from Brooklyn NYC, as well as Wellington and Hamilton, the project has been a whirlwind experience thus far, with the crew announcing a tour of Aotearoa this March after having only existed collectively for eight weeks. Their lyrics cover themes including power imbalances (particularly in the music industry) and the pitfalls of public transport."-Under the Radar NZ
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dead dads club (KC) tape release show!!
KC pop auteur the ddc is dropping their lo-fi masterpiece 'DEAD DAD MONEY' on Tell 'Em Tapes. We're so excited to give these beautiful songs a physical release. Like the early works of Liz Phair and GBV, and more recently artists like Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy, the ddc is the sound of a songwriter fully in their element, with the tools to record it all as it happens, when emotions and muse align. The album will be specially remastered for this tape release, which is limited to 50 copies.
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Conductor (Como)
This heavy Como trio is fresh off the release of their latest record 'Here Lie The Dead' and are tighter and angrier than ever. Urgent, thrashy post-punk that equally recalls the Raincoats and Hellhammer. One of the longest standing and most genuine bands in town, they always deserve your ear.
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Doors 8PM