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Drekka, Alex Cunningham, Remst8, Spunky Toofers


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Working under the name DREKKA since 1996, experimental composer Mkl Anderson has toured, 
traveled, and collaborated extensively; collecting memories and building a very personal archive of sound that dates back to the mid-1980's. Drekka has released a large body of work on labels such as Dais Records, Auris Apothecary, Morc, Silber, and Anderson's own label, Bluesanct. 
Drekka owes something to the soundscapes and non-linear impressionism of Cindytalk or COIL, to the industrial gravity of Einstürzende Neubauten or Hafler Trio, andto the cinematic collaborations of Edward Artemiev/Andrei Tarkovsky or Simon Fisher Turner/Derek Jarman. But his work is very
apparently unique and personal. 

Alex Cunningham
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St. Louis based avant-garde violin composer and improviser. 

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REMST8 is an experimental computer musician whose on-again/off-again affair with sound began in the early '90s, using tracker programs on his Amiga 500 and later a PC to create soundtracks for his friends' creations (computer games and an independent film). 

Following a 7 year hiatus to focus on his software engineering career, remst8 has returned to tracking music for creative exploration focusing on deep drone and dark ambient tracks with a smattering of noise and experimentation.

8pm Doors / 9pm Show / $5