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Film Screening - The Human Highway

$3-5 Suggested Donation 
7-9 Happy Hour / Silent Auction - $2 Tall cans, $3 wells 
9-11 Fim Screening 

Come join Dismal Niche for a screening of Neil Young's psychedelic cinematic masterpiece "The Human Highway" as one last fundraising hurrah before our Columbia Experimental Music Festival the following weekend! 

Human Highway tells the story of a group of regulars at a small-town diner/gas station, with a nuclear power plant accidentally triggering the end of the world. Young, who plays a dim-witted gas station employee, co-wrote and co-directed the film, which also features the five members of Devo as a group of power plant employees as well as Dennis Hopper and Russ Tamblyn. 

Human Highway is commonly reviewed as a "bizarre" comedy. Following the film's official premiere in Los Angeles, June 1983, it was shown only briefly in a small number of theaters. It received poor reviews by critics and confused audiences. After the film's release to VHS in 1996 it has since received more favorable reviews such as being described by TV Guide as "goofy and enjoyable" and Young's acting as "surprisingly funny." It was also suggested by TV Guide that the film would have done well on the midnight circuit that existed at the time of its initial release. Yet, a critic of cult films reviewed the film as being self-absorbed and worthwhile only for completists. An original intent by Young to reference the dream-plot of The Wizard of Oz has been recognized in a Rotten Tomatoes synopsis describing the film as "The Wizard of Oz on acid." A more recent review by Seattle Times critic Tom Keogh notes the film's use of "hyper-real sets" predating Tim Burton and a surety of direction at times recognizably influenced by Paul Morrissey and John Waters.

Special thanks to Hitt Records for helping to facilitate!

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