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Diamond Soul, Blank Thomas and DJ Sunspots

Diamond Soul (Orange Milk Records)
Diamond Soul aka Alex Colombo finds footwork music at it's most warped and abstracted, the underlying triplet rhythms often acting as a ghost floating below the sonics above.

Blank Thomas
Blank Thomas is Blake Butler, Blake Butler is Blank Thomas. Under this moniker, Butler creates wandering and woozy synthscapes under the intermittent glow of a central control panel glow. Pulling the thread of weary synth lines - sometimes tuned to a trumpet in the lone and dreary wilderness but often unadorned or pitch shifted just below the threshold of our hearing - that float through compositions like ghosts of former tenants with no knowledge that they are dead through the needle of clamoring, clanging post-industrial beats and auxiliary percussion.

Earlier Event: March 13
Columbia Jazz Jam
Later Event: March 16
City Garden School Fundraiser