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Multicultural Food Pop-up and Community Gathering

Join us for an evening of community gathering with African and Middle Eastern treats prepared by members of Columbia’s refugee community from 5:30-8:30pm on Thursday, August 22nd.

The event is inspired by the recent World Refugee Day 2019 celebration hosted by Refugee & Immigration Services – CCCNMO, as well as Columbia’s last East-African food pop-up provided by refugees in 2017.

Our hope is to continue bring our community at-large together. Come enjoy the patio, refreshments, and new friends!

No purchase necessary to attend.


- Traditionally served Eritrean spiced coffee 🇪🇷 ☕️ - $1 per cup

- Sambusa - 3 for $5 (Seasoned beef, chicken, or vegetable wrapped in a thin dough and fried; popular across Africa and the Middle East, our Sambusa is prepared by Iraqi, Somali, and Syrian cooks)

- Kisra with minced molokhia and beef - $6 (traditional South Sudanese soft bread with spiced Northeast African/Middle Eastern greens and beef) 🇸🇸

- Sudanese rice with spinach - $6 (traditional South Sudanese red rice, similar to couscous, served with stewed spinach) 🇸🇸

- Congolese mandazi - 3 for $5 (East-African beignets)