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Camp Counselor, Ripped Genes, The Adaptation

Cafe Berlin
9-14-19 - $5
8PM All Ages (Full Accessibility)

Camp Counselor (STL)
"Camp counselor is about honesty. Formed in 2016 as a solo outfit for songwriter Mickey Yacyshyn, the project has recently transformed into a full band, featuring St. Louis legends Andy Lewis, Hannah Rainey, and Matt Sullentrup. Their ep, and second release, “scabs”, written and recorded by Mickey, is a record about letting your wounds heal, and leaving behind the ones you no longer need!"

Ripped Genes
"a collection of sunken sentiment and somber reflections bolstered by a rhythm section that slowly slinks toward the void… with an emphasis on slowly. The band moves at the speed of depression, lingering around in no particular rush or motivation."

The Adaptation
Local younglings coming thru with the post high school grunge and punk sensibilities while still maintaining an RNR styling supported by strong melodies.